I think after the last chorus you could do another chorus with some kind of solo or variation over it. Aside from the obviously lower quality or the recording, I think it sounds pretty cool
In song structure perhaps what you're looking for to break it up is just some empty chords after the first chorus/slight modidifications of them, I really like the bit at the end slightly but i was dissapointed when it didn't have a release. Although again thats a style thing but i was imagining something like the outro riff from anna molly by incubus, something nice and down low that gives it a nice finish.

This may be biased as its my style as you listened, but the chorus might do with some space, like something with delay on it in the background.

The opening intro chords really set a good mood for the song and i think it could justify with resolving back to that at the end with the chords or some sort of closing riff or solo.
I thought it was a good song overall. Your voice is really energetic and full of emotion and I like that effect you put on your voice to make it sound like you're singing through a walkie-talkie or something.

I think to improve the song you should put better sounding drums and also redo some of the drum fills because a few of them were out of time. Also, I think you should take out the acoustic guitar because it just clashes with the intense and passionate mood of the song and instead just put in electric guitars the whole way through. Also a guitar solo right before that bridge at the end would be cool. And lastly, I think you should end the song with the chorus again rather than that bridge so that the song just sounds complete. I give the song so far a 7/10. If you redo it it'll be a 10/10. Peace.
love the riffs,maybe start an outro a bit earlier after 3 times doing chorus,also make it music only outro,with maybe a couple well place vocals in,but not too much,the music is very strong so u dont always have to have vocals till the end