hey guys, ive been a long fan of rock music, especially electric guitar. ive finally decided i want to learn how to play guitar. im 22 so im a bit late to the scene but better late than never i suppose. anywho, ive been doing a bit of research and I've come across the Epiphone Les Paul and the Peavey Vypyr 15 amp. I picked the les paul because slash, whose music I practically worship, uses one almost exclusively. I just dig the sound he gets live and on his records. I also read the Peavey is a great choice for aggressive hard rock. So, i just wanted to hear what you guys thought of these two and if you have a different opinion on what you think i should check out. My budget is maximum 700 for the guitar and amp.

musical interests: guns n roses, snakepit, metallica, led zeppelin, alice cooper, iron maiden, megadeth, savatage, etc
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yeah could prob get an agile and used class5
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