Short and Untitled Piano Piece
I'm not a pianist, I never played piano/keyboard or anyting like that. This is just something I originally wrote for a classical guitar but I thought it wound sound better with a Piano so I tried to arrange it. I thing it sounds good

C4C, Enjoy.
Untitled Piano Piece.gp5
Untitled Piano Piece.gp4
Untitled Piano Piece.mid
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man what the hell is C4C ive seen it, but i dont know what it is
It means "crit for crit," you tell me how my work is and ill tell you how yours is basically.

I cant really say much since I dont have much of anything to do with a piano, but it sounds amazing. I especially liked the transition to the faster part. I do have to say though, it did start a little slow. The intro'd probably be better if you held out those chords on your right hand a little longer. Still, it sounds really nice, I'd like to hear some more.

Check this out?
Here have a waffle!
It looks incomplete)
I don't like classic, but in this composition I can see some very good phrases. I guess, you can write a very good ballad basing this phrases. Try!))

And sorry for my bad english)