Hey EG, just wondering if it's possible to tell which neck profile would best suit my hand. I don't live close to town, so any guitars I buy are over the internet. I've got an LP with a 50's neck, which I find reasonably comfortable, though I think it could be alot better.
I'm looking at buying a strat, and realise that there are many neck profiles, and want to narrow it down to what would suit me. For the record, I'm 19, and my hands are quite small:
-widest point of palm = 3.5" / 9cm
-palm height (base of middle finger to wrist) = 4" / 10cm
-middle finger length = 3" / 7.5cm
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I wish life were that simple.

However, regardless of your hand size, every person is comfortable with different profiles.

You'll never know, and we can't tell you, unless you try everything out yourself, and find out yourself.
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What Offworld said.
I have slightly bigger than average sized hands and I play best a wizard two style neck while people I know with smaller hands and a few with bigger hands prefer thick necks. My friend who has little girl hands(he's 23, 5'6" and 120lbs) plays with a neck that I swear is thicker than a baseball bat.
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Yeah sorry bro, it's all about how it feels. And it's not always the shape of the neck either, sometime the neck will be great but the strings feel too close together or the fingerboard wood isn't to your liking; the only way to truly know is by trying it out.
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maybe it'd be intresting to see what measures of hand feel comfortable with certain necks :p

-widest point of palm = 11cm
-palm height (base of middle finger to wrist) = 12
-middle finger length = 9cm

most comfortable with: jackson compound radius neck/wider 7 string necks, basicly anything which isn't to thick, but has a reasonably wide neck :p I sold my rg because in a comfortable position my fingers were about 2.5 cm over the fretboard

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