Just guitar with a little bit of overdrive, or none. Could be either chords or arpeggios or whatever. Looking for a fender single coil sound o.O

Any referrals?

All Secrets Known by Alice In Chains has a pretty cool intro.


Ties That Bind by Alter Bridge has a cool intro as well.


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Girl Afraid by the Smiths:

-it's not played on a Fender by the way but on a Rickenbacker (which does have a strat-like twangy sound to it, only different). Perhaps it's a 12-string, perhaps he uses a harmonizer, I dunno, and I'm pretty sure you need a capo to play it like this guy does:

But there's enough songs with cool intros:
which is played like this:

And you can't go wrong with Hendrix. Songs like Little Wing or Castles Made of Sand have some of the coolest intros ever:
This one I'm sure doesn't use any OD at all (however, the first part does feature some backwards guitar sounds, which can be emulated if you happen to have a digital delay like a Boss DD-6 or 7...)

And then there's Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter (which was kinda written as a hommage to Hendrix as far as the music's concerned):

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Buried Alive - A7X ?
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Search "Let Your Glory Shine" on iTunes and listen to the podcast (which is free) The guitar player for this has a fender strat with single coil pick-ups. I don't know how good you are, but this is a pretty tough intro.
Just A Phase -- Incubus
So Strange I Remember You -- Thrice
Under the Bridge -- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Of Dust and Nations -- Thrice

I can't think of anything else but there are tons from those three bands right there.
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love crime
finna do a love crime

lovecrimes -- frank ocean

little wing-jimi hendrix/srv
maybe one of the best guitar intros/songs ever
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