Of these amps which one do you think would be the best for me? I play indie, alt rock, some grunge, and some hard rock. I also play in a indie/alt band. If I were to get a head I would still need to buy a cab.

Marshall JCM 800 2205? ( I think) head for $700

'97 Marshall JCM 900 2100 head $850

'73 Fender Twin Reverb for $625

Fender Prosonic $800 ( won't be able to try this one out before buying :/)

Mesa Boogie Tremoverb Combo $995 ( little out of my price range)

One of thesse amps will be my final decision Im done searching.

Thanks to everyone that helps
If you dont mind explaining that it would be great thanks also so now its between the 800, Tremoverb, and Prosonic. Atm I'm leaning towards the prosonic since I found one at a pretty good price, and they are pretty rare to come around. thanks for your help.

EDIT: So I decided to do somemore searching even though I said I wouldnt now its between a JMP, 800, Deliverance, Prosonic, and Tremoverb. I honestly have no idea which one I am leaning towards. Im just a little worried because the Prosonic has limited time before its gone.
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