Hi UG. Okay so I really want to have this 12 minute multi-layered guitar song I wrote recorded by tomorrow. I wrote it for my friend, and I want to be able to give it to her tomorrow.

Over the past few days, I've recorded the first 6 mins just fine. I have a Peavey Vypyr 75, and because the USB interface is shit, I'm running a male to male cable from the headphone cable until my laptop's microphone cable. I was getting some great bass-like sounds by muting the bottom string and strumming it with my thumb, and some other great bassy sounds.

Well, I've spent the last hour and a half trying to record one bass line, and it isn't working! I keep getting this super gurgly gross sound out of settings I literally just used perfectly yesterday. Everything is like that! All of a sudden. And I REALLY WANT to have the last 6 mins recorded by tomorrow. I've unplugged and plugged back in the cable (both guitar and male to male), turned on and off the amp, checked the settings on my amp, everything!! Can anyone tell me what is happening, and more importantly, how to fix this, and FAST?!
There is no way to fix it fast. Recording direct line-in on any computer is a surefire way to get inconsistent and/or shitty sound quality. You could have blown the sound card out (a risk you run recording line-in). You would be much better off recording the Vyper using the interface, as it would be a lot less likely to damage your computer, and would consistently give you the same quality.

TL;DR: There is no way to fix the problem except for trying over and over again. Next time, look at the stickies in this sub-forum and realize that the way you're doing it is both stupid and a waste of time.

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