So i've found info on these VERY hard to come by. There seems to be three seperate opinions around.

#1. They're crap, they're noisy, rubbish pieces of junk that don't deserve to be put in a base model squier.

#2. The people who whinge about them being crap are incompetent people who can't solder properly.

#3. They're cool and do what they're supposed to. Maybe hyped a bit on the website but perfectly useable.

Now noisy can mean anything and in my experience with electronics (which admittedly is mostly in pro audio, preamps, compressors etc.) 90% of "noise" is grounding issues unless it is adding harmonic content (distortion) which none of these claim to have.

I also think that people would say distorted instead of noisy which makes me think opinion #2 on the pres is correct.

So pretty much i'm asking to hear from people who have sound clips. Actually used them, or actually heard one.

I know some of their hardware is a bit shotty, but electronics are not something you can advertise as doing something and then sound crappy. I'm sure ATLEAST 70% of people have NO problem with the hardware they sell, that's fine, electronics, there is no QC issue. It either works or it doesn't. Sure there might be a crappy component, but that is easily identifiable.

If anyone wants to know specifically what i'm on about.

There was a person I think in the GFS thread that had one of the mid boosts and loved it.