I haven't written worthwhile lyrics in around 8 or 9 months, although I have been able to write music, and instrumental music. Historically, I've only been able to write lyrics when I was feeling miserable, and lately I've been too damn happy, and so gone is my inspiration. Is it normal to have writer's block for this long, and is there anything I do to be able to write lyrics again?

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I guess every writer has a writer's block once in a while, and that can take a long or short period, it's rather unpredictable (did you see the understatement there? :p )
Here is one thing you could do:
**** up your life.

Or (if you'd rather stay happy) write about happy stuff
Maybe you could try writing about your environment, newspaper stories can inspire you, you could write about society, about animals, about having a writers block...
anything really, just keep writing stuff, no matter how crappy, but keep writing, and you'll end up with at least some good lyrics

OT: By the way, there are THREE kinds of people: people that are able to count, and people that can't.
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I can only write when miserable too. So try falling in love with someone who treats you like garbage or moving back with your annoying parents. If neither of those work, find a self help group where people spill their guts & cry a lot (ie AA, NAA, eaters anonymous, cancer support groups). It's best if you have a reason to be there.
Ive had a lyric block for about 9 months, and then suddenly in September I started writing some good stuff again. So I guess it will just pass. Just dont put pressure on yourself. Pick up an instrument and play and if you're in the right moment at the right time something good might come.
This has helped me and I don't know if it'll help you, but once in a while I try and write music that's different to what I normally write. Usually my songs are slow paced and it's more of easy listening. For a few days I had trouble writing, so I decided 'why don't I try and write something else?' I wrote some 'joke' songs that aren't particularly good and some 'rock' songs that are okay, but I've found that it's helped me get my creative juices going.

Also, you could try different methods of songwriting. I developed a habit of doing music then lyrics, and now I enjoy doing things the other way round. These are just things that I do, so I don't know if they'll work for you.
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