i dont have 1 yet, its just for future reference. can any1 shed some light on this?
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If its E A D G B E.. maybe since its already repeating the next string would be B???? yes i think so. if its some wierd tuning like Drop D or anything like that than i cant help you. you would have to specify a tuning
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The most obvious choice is to add a low B as a seventh string, and a low F# as the 8string.

You can also try and add a high A, but that will require a very thin but strong string ( 0.08").
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basicly you keep the highest 6 strings in standard tuning and put the thickest string to B, from there you can go on and either tune down everything, or tuning down the thick B string for drop tuning.

some people prefer double dropped on a 7 string in which case your top 6 strings are drop D and the thickest is an A

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i use E standard, occassionally open G or DADGAD. so its most common to add lower strings?
The bass string should be B. Tune it down or up according to your preference on the other 6 strings.
you could add a low A to DADGAD and get ADADGAD, enjoy your huge, rich chords.
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7 Standard: B E A D G B E
7 Dropped: A E A D G B E
Muse - Citizens Erased: A A D D G B E

And of course, Half down, every note half step, full step, all down 1 note. e.t.c
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Whatever you want. I often have my 8-string in EBGDAE with a B and F#, or drop the F# to an E, then tuning it down various steps. Half a step, full step, et cetera. I generally prefer to tune every additional string in fourths, so I'd have B and F# low, and an A higher.
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