So I just got back from taking my H&K Switchblade out of town. Worked fine while I was away (I was too cheap to pay for a rental), but when I got back the thing wet the bed. It sounds weak, bassy, devoid of articulation and all around bad.

I'm told I need new tubes, but I just had the power section retubed a couple months ago. Unless someone smashed the thing moving it off the stage (the only time I wasn't the one carrying it) I can't understand why that would be the issue. Preamp tubes, on the other hand, I could. I've been getting this crackly sound from my amp for a while now and I've heard that that can be preamp related, but I'm not sure how trustworthy that info is.

So before I take it in and pay a buttload to have it serviced, what do you think the problem is?
If it is the preamp tubes, you can just swap them out yourself. No need for servicing fees.
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I just want to be sure. It's easy to swap preamp tubes, but if they aren't the problem I'm back to square one. I just want a few opinions on what the problem might be.