I need some help with electric guitars. I'm thinking of buying an Epiphone LP Special-2 GT. Is it good???? Or would an Ibanez RG120 be better???? Please suggest some other good guitars under $300-400.

Thanx a lot.
not good. try going out and playing some first
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Have a look on there at your price range... Good quality copy guitars at really affordable prices.
STAY AWAY from the les paul special II at all costs. And like the guy above I'd suggest trying a few guitars to see what style neck you like and then maybe buying from the page above
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Thanks a lot @DaMarsbarPerson and @iamflipbaby. Maybe I'll go for the LP Special iamflipbaby suggested...
To me, neck shape and feel, and scale length that matches the guitarists hand size and grip is a factor of guitar selection that is overlooked, or considered secondary to color or shape as far as what guitar to buy.
Some like the feel of a Gibson Les Paul's low fretboard radius, deep neck thickness, short scale length, fat frets, etc. Others find that a Fender type neck shape, higher arched fretboard, thin neck, long scale length, feels better in the hand. Maple fretboards sound and play differently than rosewood or ebony.
Choose a guitar that fits your left hand as well as it fits your color choice, sound requirements, and design style.
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Thanks a lot @DaMarsbarPerson and @iamflipbaby. Maybe I'll go for the LP Special iamflipbaby suggested...

he didn't suggest anything at all though. lol
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