Hi, if anyone wants to sell one of these i'd love to buy one! Especially a limited edition. Would like one with dual s-disks and 3.00 firmware. Feel free to pm me.

i may be able to offer an epiphone g 400 custom as trade instead of money if anyone would want that...
tried to pm you but it wouldnt let me. i know a guy sellin 3 of em. all updated. he's in the US tho.
I had a 2101 back in the day. I really loved it and regretted selling it.
That is, until I bought the newer GSP1101. Have you tried the newer 1101 yet? Honestly, (and most people agree with me) it actually sounds better.
Especially with the custom firmware from www.mustbebeta.com (Adds TONs of new features).

I would recommend you try out the GSP1101 before you go looking for the older 2101s.
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Hey, thanks very much for the advice! I have looked extensively at both and for the price the 2101 wins it. (used price mean)

Also, the 2101 has far superior routing options, while the 1101 can only use certain effects at the same time which is very limiting. I am still looking for a 2101 though...