i think want to get it but i need to be sure.

i only want to record guitar into an editor and program a drumkit on a piano roll, plus some additional mixing capabilities, just to write songs.

i know there are cheaper or better programs out there but i run win7 on a 64 bit computer and this seems the only software that has everything of the above on such system for a reasonable price.

if you do have it and work with it, please tell me what you think, either here or in PM.

*stupid 09'er*

this space is for rent. PM me for rates
My brother runs Reaper on a 64-bit win 7 system. So I think it works and Reaper is sanely priced too.
I tried Studio One but wasn't too impressed with it nor did I like the layout. Try it for yourself and see what you think about it.

Me personally, I'm sticking with Audition 3 and Sonar 8 Producer.