I've been fooling around with acoustic guitar for three years now. Seriously practicing for a few months total time. I play with a metronome on slow (50 bpm) when I practice something and I always economy pick. And right now I'm having trouble picking the simplest thing (in my books). I can pick the diatonic C Major scale starting on the third fret fifth string all the way down to the first fret second string. But for the life of me I can't play it perfect backwards... I've spent hours on it and still no results... I'm thinking I should call it quits for guitar if I can't get it down by the end of the week. Is there anyone out there with some suggestions? Keeping in mind I already practice slow with a metronome.
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dont quite...

Take a break from guitar. then when you come back just learn some easy 3 chord song. have fun with guitar isnt that what its all about?
^ Yeah that is what it's all about, having fun.

Don't get bummed out man. Take it slow, as slow as you need to get it clean.
And if you still can't get it, move on to something else and try again later.

Just be positive and patient.
The worst thing to do is quit.
So I finally mastered the Diatonic C-Ionian Scale I mentioned before. Took long enough... Anyways, now it's onto the D-Dorian Scale one fret over... Only a couple hundred more to go before I'll have mastered the neck! I appreciated the encouragement though, don't think I didn't read what you guys said. =]
Everything is divisible by metal- Michael Angel Batio
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