I'm not sure if this is the right section (if not, i'm sorry and will delete/repost to correct one). Anyway, I'm working on a small riff and basically want to expand it. The vast majority of my riffs tend to be stuck alternating between two chords and I need to break out of it so any direction on how to free myself of that is also welcome. Here's the riff.

e-|---------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------|
B-|---7777-----7-7--x-x-| |--x-x-----------x--x----x----------x---------------|
G-|---7777-----7-7--x-x-| |--x-x-----------x--x----9h11~---9---------------|
D-|---7777-----7-7--x-x-| |--x-x-------9--x--x----x-----------x-----9h11~-|
A-|--------------------------| |--------9/11------------x---------------------------| ------- --9--/7
E-|-7---------7-------------| |-----------------------------------------------------|

(Riff A)x2, (Riff B)x2 ~ Transition back to beginning.

I roughly follow this tab, but there's improv'd notes here and there to make things interesting. So any suggestions on how to expand this progression would be appreciated. Expanded as in lengthened. I'd like to preserve the slow light funk feel.

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maybe try throwing something like this.


That just came out of me. but I'm not very advanced