Is the Boss DD-6 a good pedal?
Or are there other boss delay pedals which are better?
I was kinda wanting an MXR carbon copy analogue delay but too much £.
Aswell as the boss pedals, are there any other recommendations?
Also, remember that while the Carbon Copy is an analogue delay, the Boss delays are digital, giving them another sound

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LOVE the DD-6. It is very clean and pristine which a lot of people don't care for, but it's very punchy when set in time and washes over very nicely when set out of time. The oscillations are fantastic, Warp mode is awesome, and the Hold mode can do some cool stutter stuff. The other ones might have a "better toan" or something, but I like the 6 most from the compact series. If you want an analog sound you'll probably hate it though. Check out the EH Memory Toy/Boy or a DOD FX90 for that sort of thing on the cheap
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Personally, i like the DD3 out of all the delays that boss has put out. it's just a straight forward delay, no crazy backwards delays, no modulation, no tap tempo, just a straight forward delay. The DD6/7s would be fun to own, but I hate it when there's too much info scrawled on the front of the pedal.
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I've got a Boss Rv-3 and its really nice. They're discontinued like the DD-6 but are worth looking out for aswell

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