Hi, so i'm looking to buy a mid-range guitar which will be my second one. Around £400 or £450. I was thinking about the epiphone sg custom prophecy ex with emg's. (i play rock and metal). Any other ideas???
What kind of amp are you using? Do you have to have EMG's? You could look at Ibanez and Schecter, as they make nice guitars for the br00t41z musics.
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How much it that in US currency?
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How much it that in US currency?

Roughly $875.

TS, you could get nearly any schecter for that. Check out the Hellraiser and Blackjack series. In those two you can go mahogany or mahogany/maple. also you have various pup options between the lines
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get PRS SE, much better then epiphones... just go to the shop and test every guitar u like thats all