Hey guys,

Recently I've decided that I wanted to start looking into getting a half-stack. I've been playing/gigging through combos throughout the years but I feel I need something louder/more reliable.

Has anyone played through the Peavey Tour series yet? I've always loved Peavey but I haven't seen it anywhere!

I'm also looking into the Gallien-Krueger RB series, because I've always liked the GK sound. I'm purposely resisting the SVT series, mostly because I think it has incredibly generic sound.

I play blues-rock mostly, but I love funk and classic rock as well! I'd like to keep my budget under $1000.

My Instruments:
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Ibanez SR500
Peavey BAM 210
Gallien-Kruger MB115 Ultralight
DigiTech Bass Whammy
Maybe a Hartke 3500A amp head with a VX 410 cab?
Or an Ashdown MAG amp head with an Ashdown MAG 410T EVO II cab?
Or even a Laney RB9 with matching cab?
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Avatar cabs. Nuff said.

+1 if you buy new, Avatar all the way.

Personally, though, i only buy used.

I have a Peavey Tour 8x10 and practice out of a Peavey 4x12 at one practice spot (forget if it's a 'tour' or not). They sound decent enough. Not great, but not horrible. Definetly good for their price.

I love GK. But, i would only get their cabs if i was pairing them with with their heads to utilize their bi-amping feature (or whatever it's called).
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I've been using my GK 700RB and Bag End 115 almost strictly since I got it. Played everything from metal, to reggae, to jazz. Perfect for everything. So heavy and you lose NONE of the highs you would expect through a 15 inch.

Bag End (though some-what expensive) is top notch. Try to find someone who has their stuff in your area, or even a little bit out of your area. It's definitely worth the drive to hear these things.
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You can gig with small combo's no problem if you being miced or di'ed. Whats you current setup.

I know a fella who plays every single gig with 2 1x12 cans and a genz benz 300. Small and reliable and does the job everytime.

However if you set 300 watts is perfect. If the gig seems too big for that youll have a good pa(or you should anyway) and then it will be fine.
A single 4 ohm 4x10 and head will be perfect for all situations.
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Again on the subject of GK... totally (if funds allow) look into the GK MB210. It's a combo using one of their awesome MB heads and a 2x10 cab. It's something along the lines of 500 watts and has the ability to add another cab to it.

So, i'd get that and see if the existing 2x10 isn't loud enough... and add a 1x15 or 4x10 if it isn't.
"Punk Rock should mean freedom, liking and accepting anything that you like, as sloppy as you want, as long as it's good and has passion."