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i want to ask if any of you guys know how to remove the bass from a song, i recorded a song, with a backing track and me on the guitar, after i recorded that , the bass is F*ing "noisy", is there a way to remove the bass, or at least low its volume, after the recording process?

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Load it up, pick an EQ and see how you can tone the bass down to the greatest effect. I can't think of any other way of reducing the bass impact on the mix.

Just try and cut frequencies towards the lower end of the spectrum, keep it subtle though.
parametric eq around the 40-90hz range should clear up a lot of the muddiness

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I've been messing with the Adobe Audition EQ for a while and i cant get that "Boom Boom" sound out of the song, if you know what i mean. :{
How can i do that? dont know much about "EQing", and cant find a video explaining how to remove bass sound ..
didnt feel like making a new pic, so here is an old one that mostly applies:

now ignore the right bit, thats rolling off the highs. but the left side is what you should be looking at. that is a high pass filter. the pic is an example, so it is set around 250 Hz, which is way too high for what you want to do. im assuming the eq you are using is parametric, so you want to find the high pass filter option and set it to around 80 or 100 Hz. at least as a starting point.

you could also use a low shelf set at -6 to -9 dB and around 70 to 80 Hz if you wanted a more gradual roll off. sounds like you dont though, you seem to want to get rid of a good bit of bass.