I am writing to see if anyone knows a java script or something to delete all my wall posts. There are a lot of things on there that I really don't want, but according to facebook, you have to delete them one by one. This would take way too long...

I've watched youtube videos, and I've been using the imacros firefox add-on to create a script that keeps deleting the posts. Theoretically, I should be able to loop it, and it would keep deleting all of the posts. But, for some reason it keeps getting stuck after about 7-10 deletions. Does anyone know a better script or a better way to do this at all? I would be eternally grateful! I need to delete this stuff!! I also tried deactivating and reactivating... Didn't work...

Thanks!! Hope everyone's having a good day.

tl;dr version - Easy way to delete all facebook wall posts??!!
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The best way fo' sho. Hey, TS, what could be so bad that you need it all deleted?
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We need to know why...

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Become as clever as this guy, they should delete themselves.
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Yeah, I guess there's just no easy way... I don't want to delete the whole profile, because I want to keep my friends and admin pages. I just don't understand why that code doesn't work!
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Perhaps he has some shady app notifications he doesn't want anybody to see.

wamguy89 has purchased 20 Premium Points in VirtualWorld!
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wamguy89 has spent 2 Premium Points on a VirtualWorld Strip Show!
wamguy89 has spent 2 Premium Points on a VirtualWorld Strip Show!
wamguy89 has spent 2 Premium Points on a VirtualWorld Strip Show!

OT: I don't think there's a fast way. Depending on how many friends you have and how many posts you need to delete, it could be quicker to delete the profile and re-add everyone.

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I want to delete because there is just stuff that people wrote in the past that's just dumb, and I don't want anyone to go back through there and try to read it later...

That, and I wasted a lot of points to watch virtual girls strip - A little depressing...

I have 3 pages of which I'm an admin and almost 1,000 friends (can't help my own popularity!)... Would that be hard to fix if I made a new profile? Could I send a suggestion to all my old friends to add me or something?
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In the time you spent making this thread you could have been halfway through. And do you really think people will actually go through you're profile to stuff that's months old...
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one time me and my frend went through this one teachers whole history of stuff on her wall and liked everything she had ever written as a joke. So yea, people do go back that far.
Yeah... I don't want anyone to read through them, and I want to save myself from ever reading through them, too. I may try that link that you suggested!! Thanks for that. Hopefully it's not fake or something...
Awesome!! I got it all sorted out with the iMacros program. I am so relieved. I feel clean. Thanks to anyone who helped!