Well another week and another NGD.

After buying my Minarik Inferno with the shattered mirror top I had to get another Minarik. I found this beauty on Ebay. It's a Minarik Diablo in gloss black with Abalone binding rosewood fretboard. As soon as the guitar arrived I was scared there was a huge dent in the box but luckily the packing saved the guitar and case.

Well, after inspecting the guitar that is basically flawless I plugged it in and WOW! A great sounding guitar beautiful tone. Even though the neck has a glossy finish it still plays fast. Like butter. The guitar has great balance tone and playability all for $400.00. Minarik is a great guitar company that makes amazing guitars and I might get another if I can find another deal on one. I really love playing it and it's sister the Inferno.

Another low serial number!

2 minariks? now you're just showing off. anyways, HNGD!
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Man your lucky. Those things must be freaking heavy though..

nontheless HNGD!
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HNGD! I think the body style is pretty whack though...
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this i have not seen irl. looks pretty cool though.
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Thanks guys, These are not very heavy. I know the Inferno is chambered not sure about the Diablo, supposedly a lot of time, money and research when into Minarik guitars to get the best tone. I love the shape of these guitars and I plan on getting more when I can afford them. I have always preferred the non traditional shaped guitar even though I was a big Gibson Les Paul collector for many years. I just got sick of the clone guitars LPs, SGs, Strats etc every one want a clone guitar IMHO Teles are the most horrid looking guitars ever made! Of course I still buy the boring old shaped guitars I won't pass up on a deal of a great player but I like and prefer being individual and most people know me for my wild shaped or off brand guitars. Aside from their great looks these guitar are very good. I would choose them over any guitar out there, the tone on these is just amazing these guitars sing. When I get on stage which is not very often and I pull out these types of guitars people really got nuts. I usually spend the rest of the night talking guitars with all the guitarists in the other bands and in the audience.

Next Mon I'll be posting another NGD a more semi traditional looking guitar.

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