im about to change the strings on my fender american stratocaster, i was wondering what would be the best strings to put on it. I do alot of clean post rock type stuff but i also want to do some lead work. what gauge should i go with as well?
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10s are my preferred choice. Sound alot better than 9s
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10s are my preferred choice. Sound alot better than 9s

10s feel to hard to bend in e standard to me, i use them on my ibanez i keep in eb and theyr great
I just tried some Ernie Ball slinkies (whatever they call the .09's) and are loving them and having no regrets. I used to use D'addario but don't see myself going back if these hold up decently. They've only been on for a week and going strong.
Nothings more pure sounding to me than Dean Markley "Blue Steel" strings. Ernie Ball strings are "Alright". The Ernie ball slinky's are really only supposed to be used in metal or hard rock b/c of the difference in thickness

Just go by ear on the gauge.
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I use Elixir-Strings on my guitars and I'm very very confident. The sound is good and the feeling is also very nice. The only contra is the price, but if you think of the longer life it's not as expensive as you might think.