Hey, I have been playing guitar for a few years now, I basically learnt from reading tabs and playing the songs myself, mainly Megadeth, Metallica, but now I feel like im stuck.
I want to be able to solo and improvise, but not sure on how to go about it. I want to learn the minor pentatonic scale, and more to the point know how to put it to use.
If I could solo like mustaine I would be more than happy with my skill for the time being, im just not sure on how I go about it.

Im fairly comfortable with rythm, I can play the most of megadeth's songs, but as soon as I get to the solo's I feel pretty stumped. I have looked at lots of scales but not exactly sure on what to do.
Sorry for the noobness I just really need some advice. Thanks
Look at Pentatonic Minor scales for soloing, practice them a lot. Get comfortable going up and down the scales, and switch between them.

If you want to learn a solo from a particular song, and you're used to reading tabs, find the tab online and listen to the song at the same time to identify the rhythm and the pace of the solo, then slow it down, and take it from there. Keeping the timing of the solo is important, but you can slow the overall speed down, keeping everything relative. Then just practice it at quicker tempos - using a metronome or something will help - and eventually play the solo along to the song.

Hope this helps.
By the pentatonic minor scales, do you mean for example F minor pentatonic, E minor pentatonic etc?
Also should I learn each position of each individual minor pentatonic scale? I heard there was 5 positions on the fretboard for each scale to be played? Thanks
Alright, so I am going to try and learn all 5 positions of that scale (A Minor Pentatonic), then try and learn the rest of the scales and the 5 positions of them, and practice moving between them etc, is that the way to go?
Thanks a lot I appreciate it
Don't just learn positions - learn how the scale is constructed, the notes and intervals it contains and also learn how it's derived from the minor scale so you know how to use it....then use the positions and scale diagrams so you know where to find it.

Scales are about sound, using them is about choosing which sound you want next, not about where you put your fingers.
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