Hi guys.

Recently, me and my "band" of sorts have been putting together some covers to play at parties and whatnot. We're all pretty good musicians, so we have the talent, but we're really unsure of our equipment.

At the moment, we have our singer singing through an old bass amp with a shitty microphone that came with my sisters 50 dollar karaoke machine. As you can imagine, it sounds far from great. Although to be honest, it sounds good enough for us, at least while were jamming in my garage. However I feel as if when we get all set up in someones backyard to play for a party we're going to sound like shit without a PA system of sorts.

But that's the thing. We are all CLUELESS when it comes to PA systems. So basically, what I'm asking is for tips on what sort of PA system we would want for our singer to sound decent. As cheap as possible while still retaining a tad bit of quality is optimal. It doesn't need to be loud, we won't be playing in huge venues or anything, but it needs to be clearly heard over 2 guitarists and bassist and a drummer.

Thanks guys.

Also, a link to a website explaining PA systems, or any explanation of it here would be wonderful.
Bass amps and keyboard amps are actually pretty decent for vocals, dude. Have you invested in a nice mic?
Like a Shure, Seinheiser, Neuman, KSM...etc?

I hear models like the Shure SM86, or KSM 105 being tossed around as good mics for live use.

Otherwise, what's your budget?

BTW, most venues will have a PA.

The key to sounding good, in a two guitar band, is not have a loudness war, and work together. Turn up as loud as you need to get over drums and bass, and thats it.
Try not to occupy the same frequencies as the other guitarist.
if u want a good vocal mic get an sm58 its only like 100 dollars new in mic world thats dirt cheep
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Hmm I think I can get a hold of an old bass amp to use. If we bought a semi decent mic and threw it in a good bass amp do you think that'd be enough for some nice sounding vocals that can be heard?

Otherwise, I'd say we probably don't want to spend more than 200 dollars.
But we'd prefer to just all chip in 20-30 for a mic.
I would prefer a keyboard amp to a bass amp, since a keyboard amp is more like a full range amplifier.
Just get something around 150+ watts, and that should be PLENTY of power. Better to have more power than not enough.
Look on craigslist for a bass or keyboard amp, you can find a used one for under 300, easy.

What city do you live in?

And yeah, invest in a mic. A used SM58 shouldn't run you up that much.
I Live near Houston. I think I will ask people to chip in for the mic, and my buddy has a huge bass amp we can use. Once we get more serious will probably throw down some more cash but till then it will probably suffice.
Check out rockongoodpeople on youtube, Dave Taub gives a great demo on the PA, just serch for it
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