Right now I have the LG Venus cell phone for verizon which has been great for the past 2-3 years. But sadly it is starting to crap out, doing weird things, receiving texts way late, not recognizing the pics on it, etc. So I want a new phone. It'd be awesome if I could get a Droid but that requires a $30 data plan which the rents do not want to pay (I'm a 22 working college student, but my parents just pay for my phone bill because my dad gets a major discount from working at Duquesne Light). On top of that the other phones out today either suck balls or still require some form of data plan ($10-30). So I'm resorting to getting an older yet cool one.

I was thinking of getting something like the Dare or the Voyager because those were decent but they're still ****ing $200 even on ebay. So can anybody think of some good old phones from like the past 4 years that I could get? Something good too, not a dumb simple flip phone that can't do anything. My Venus is kind of old but I mean it can at least play music and shit like that. I need at least that haha
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If by new you mean old then are you certain that what you need is a phone..?
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Nokia 1100. Best phone ever. I dropped mine into a volcano and the volcano broke.
...In my opinion.
Sony Ericsson W200i has lasted me 4 years give it a look, its cheap and if your just looking for a phone and not something to store your music on get this.