I'm new to acoustics. Never owned one. I'm looking for one that isn't super expensive but is still a good guitar. My buddy has this guitar. It's a Walden G630ce. He says he will sell it to me for $350 CAD ($340 USD) with a soft shell case. I'm just wondering if this is a good price for the guitar.. I've looked online but prices seem to be all over the place.
Just try some acoustics out at your nearest guitar shop and find the one with the right look and sound for you.
I buy all of my equipment used.

I was also looking at a Seagull S6 Burst GT with HSC for $250 CAD I think it was. and the Walden is $350 with a soft case. Just want to get some opinions.
I also seen a Norman B18 that I could most likely grab for $200 CAD with a HSC. Opinions?

Yeah, I know it's mostly personal preference but I would like to hear what others think.