Hey everybody,

Song's mostly done, bout 3 minutes so far.
Same storyline as Dazed and Confused -- guy bums about girl, eats acid, has bad trip, except in my story, he gets paranoid and tries to go to Mexico but ends up getting lost in the desert instead.

1st section: guy is contemplative
2nd section: acid kicks in
3rd section: freak out mode
4th section: run from the police
5th section: ain't composed yet
Cruise Control.gp4
Cruise Control.gp5
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Dude, that's shit's funky as.

To me, seems like a real fun song, that'd be fun to just jam with.
At first, I was thinking, "Oh, god, this is gonna be some sad slow meaningful peace" (as that isn't really my style, and I hadn't exactly read your description of the songs) but then the solo came in and I thought, "Hm, this could be quite chaotic", then enters bar 14 and I began to laugh. In a good way though, sounds really awesome. The funky chord riff afterward needs more of drum beat though. Other than that, I began to quickly love this song.
As it continues on, each riff just gets more funky and somewhat evil, especially bar 37.
I enjoyed the whole piece. Good riffs, nice mood and overall, just catchy.

When you finish this, do tell me, as I can't wait to hear it.
Damn)) It's funk, really)
Very pretty riff with chords, it remind me early Deep Purple. It's oldschool, and it's cool)
And I think, there shoud be more solo, IMHO
@ohay: Do you have a specific suggestion for the drum beat you mentioned? I have never really messed with drums or writing drum parts before, this is my first whack at it and if you could offer a suggestion that would be awesome. Also, thanks for your positive feedback, it was a big confidence booster.

@Frank: I take it you are talking about the "freak out" part right after that Dorian-Blues pull-off lick? I like it a lot too, although I'm debating how the bass harmonizes with the guitar. In terms of diatonic harmony, the bass line should harmonize a major 3rd on the I tone (G) and a minor 3rd on the ii tone (A), but I think it sounds better if they're both major 3rds. In the end, I think I'll just go with my ear on that one.

Also, regarding the lead fills.. I'm still thinking of them :O that section you noted will probably get a lead fill after the verse that's going there.

Also, an update on the song: well, it's almost finished now. I added in the last part which is drop dead funky as our narrator runs through the desert tripping on LSD. Once I tweak the drums and write the lead fills, I will put it up for you guys. I'm going to try and finish it by the end of the day so I can get going on this post-hardcore contest I signed up for.

And lastly, thanks for listening guys.
Alright, it's been awhile. This has been done for some time and I've been working on other things while I kind of think about.

I might tweak the timing of the last solo a bit and I may tweak the drums/levels but this demo is finished as far as the rhythm guitar and bass are concerned. I'm going to work on writing the vocal melody as I work on recording the song.

Critique for critique. Feel free to adjust the levels to your liking.
Cruise Control.gp5