What's the difference and why would you get one over the other. Is it even worth it?
I have the pitchblack + if that's what you're talking about. The stores get them for the same cost, so my local place sold the + to me for $80. It's awesome because it's an A/B box for two guitars, or a guitar and a bass. Because I play both with the same pedalboard (thanks to the equally versatile bass big muff) I have one channel set for bass with one flat because I play in drop D, half step down. The other channel is set to chromatic for various guitar tunings, and it's great to switch that to open tunings so I don't have to memorize open E, A, D, etc for slide playing. The LED spread is wider, too, so it's more precise. Is it worth $150 when the regular PB is $80? Nope, get the regular one. Is it awesome if you can get it for like $110 or less? Yeah, totally.
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