A few years ago, a little after I had just started getting out of only playing rhythm and started doing lead stuff as well, my uncle introduced me to Van Halen. This changed my playing permanently not only for introducing me to the idea of pyrotechnical lead guitar and two-handed tapping, but it also introduced me to volume swells. Ever since he gave me those three records(Van Halen I, Best Of Both Worlds, and Diver Down, his favourite three), I've loved the sound all three of those things have.

I used to love my strat for volume swells, but after some tuning issues put it out of commission for a while, I've barely used them because it's just too far a reach on my tele. I ordered a Carvin C66 about a week ago though. As it's based on a strat, so I've been looking forward to getting my swells again. Recently though I read an interview with the aforementioned influence, and apparently on his old guitars, the potentiometers would wear out quickly due to abuse of the volume control, and on the Wolfgang, he's using reinforced, low-friction pots made by some medical company I forget the name of in order to keep with the wear.

All this has me curious as to what quality Carvin's potentiometers are. Any ideas?

As always, greatly appreciated to anyone who reads my ramblings and replies.

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I've read several posts where modders have replaced import pots with Carvins. Carvin guitars have a great reputation so I wouldn't worry about it.
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I believe the pots on the new wolfgangs are Bourns low friction pots, if you're really worried about it you could look into those.
I'm waiting on a Carvin. Ordered it just recently. And I've heard that while the pickups can be a little (no better or worse than, say, Gibson or another major manufacturer), the pots are always superb and reactive.
if the ones in my MIK Epi have lasted 7+ years, i am sure you will be fine lol

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