Hi yeah I know I didn't start off here with a great bang, but I wanted to ask a question, me and my band we play some songs extrodinarily well, better than a lot of songs we have every played and these songs are songs me and my group really want to put on our demo, but we're going to put the Demo on Tunecore and CDbaby to see if we can make some cash from them, but I've only got one problem with this, how would I go about getting a license or whatever to sell these songs and not get in trouble since they are covers?

Summary: Me and my band want to make a Demo and we have some songs that aren't original that we want to put on there and are songs that have been recorded and the rights belong to the original writer, we really want them on our demo and we're going to sell the demo like copies of it, where can I like license and keep the original rights to the songs that are original and get rights to songs that were written by others so we can record them and put them on our demo?