The psp is in used condition with the usual wear and tear all over. Custom firmware is installed, and it comes with the box.
There are occasionally analogue stick problems, but this is well documented on the internet and has quite an easy fix.

Boxed Ipod touch 1st gen - spares repairs
The back is quite scratched but the digitizer has recently been replaced so there are no scratches on the screen. Includes a white leather case. The home button works, but it is a bit stiff.
Sold as faulty because the battery doesn't hold charge and to charge it, you need to apply pressure upwards with the charging cable.

Other than that, everything works fine such as wi-fi. A great and cheap repair project.

Ipod touch 2nd gen - spares repairs
The back is quite scratched, but the digitizer has recently been replaced. Wifi etc works.

Sold as spares because the home button is missing, the increase volume button doesn't work, and the lcd is also messed up.

The parts to fix the ipod touches can be had on ebay for not too much, I just don't have the time to fix them myself.

Prices are negotiable if multiple items are brought together.

If you are in Surrey, we may be able to agree to meet.
Just a bump to tell people the psp is now sold

and the price is £80 for both the ipods