I just got a new Taylor 210ce (Solid top, laminate back/sides), and have a humidifier that I use to humidify inside the guitar. My question is though, should I be storing this guitar in a guitar case, rather than hang it on my wall like I have been doing? Will the guitar dry up or something if I hang it on my wall, because as far as I can tell, the humidifier only affects the inside of the guitar, not the fretboard or anything.

Will the guitar dry up or something if I hang it on my wall,

What is the humidity in the room where the guitar is kept?
Keep it in the case; it's safer in there, and it'll actually stay humidified. If it's not in a hardcase, then the humidifier won't do it's job. If the room you keep it in is the proper humidity, you could do it, but your best bet is to keep it in a hard case.
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Not sure about the finish on your guitar, but some guitar finishes can actually react with the bit that touches the guitar on the wall mount.

Its probably safer to put it in the case
I really like the 210ce, but its not a piece of art. A guitar resting in a case isn't going to be played as much as a guitar sitting out in the open. Unless you are experiencing an extreme lack of humidity, I would leave it out. You can buy one of those little humidity readers for very cheap. I only put my guitar in a case when my heat pump is running like crazy in the middle of winter, and the air gets really dry.
We're talking about two different things. If the guitar is in storage, not being played, it belongs in its case.
If you enjoy looking at your guitar, and it's on display, then get a good guitar stand. Storage or display on the wall I don't like because I drink and live in earthquake country.
So my stored guitars are in their cases, and the guitar I'm playing today is on a stand where it can inspire me. Displayed guitars get dustier, but get played more.
The worst place for a guitar, to me, is leaning up against the wall by its headstock on a hot day, next is behind the bedroom door, or under the bed.