I would really appreciate some feedback on this one....would really be great...anything constructive
I can't tell which one you mean from your profile...but if it's the latest one then it needs quite a bit of work. The tone first of all......whoa, don't get me started. I didn't sound like any kind of metal either, maybe just me. Lastly you fell out of rythem A LOT. Keep your chin up though brah!
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It was the one titled Knife...btw

I'll check it now....
Not bad, a lot better then most of the other one's. This one is definately more "metal". Kinda reminds of that song they use as the theme song for Wild boys on MTV, haha....nice. The tone is still somewhat of an issue though. Not too bad though

Here's mine


Like your's: it's only the guitar part, but I'm pretty proud of it. Hope you like. Cheers
Yeahhh that tones pretty bad. But who gives a **** about tone anyway? (besides the majority of this forum, mind you.)

As far as the riffs, they're pretty average. Very mainstreamy, nothin' very edgey, technical, or memorable about them, besides the recurring one, which sounds nice. This would due better being judged as a modern hard rock song rather than a metal song TBH. Inwhich case it sounds decent. Still needs development, but nothin' wrong with what ya got here.

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thanx for the feedback...I agree I dont think I have even hit close to my best yet but these are what I am working on at the time....check your stuff out in a bit