Ok fairly complex problem here.

Spent the day rebuilding my rig today to try and get as clear a tone as possible. Discovered by reading the Line6 M13 manual that you can split the effects, sending some to the effects loop and putting some before the gain channel, allowing the delays to stay clean but put the distortion before some other effects.

However once I set it up the gain channel no longer works (ie when I push the channel select button I still get a clean tone ).

On top of this, the effects in the effects loop have no effect on the guitar sound now! If I use the hold setting of my DD-7, the amp plays the loop, but the delay settings don't function, and the volume pedal works, but every other effect being sent there causes no change in the sound.

I know this is confusing so ask me and I'll try and clarify.

I've attached a badly painted diagram of how the amp is connected, and here's a link to the Line6 manual:


Page 14 contains the information on FX Loops, I have the scene set so the loop begins Post-FX2, meaning it should, in theory, send the effects on sections 3 and 4 to the effects loop.

Any help? I feel like I'm missing something really obvious and that's why it's not working, but for the life of me I can't see what's wrong.
M13 Input -> Guitar
M13 FX Send -> Amp Input
M13 FX Return -> Amp FX Send
M13 Output -> Amp FX Return