This is kind of a unique opportunity. We are Thousand Year War from Haines,Ak/Sweden and are looking for a talented lead guitarist and bassist to join up on our next album....

I am looking for someone that can learn and add to the songs that I write and have the capability to record at a professional or at the very least close to professional level. This would be an ideal situation for a guitarist with a decent home set up as mixing and some mastering will be done by our hired drummer. At this point we have a contract offer that im going to sign and will be pressing our first full length very soon and I have written 7 new songs for the next full length.

My plan is to record everything through a digital camera and write basic tablature on guitar pro so you could learn the songs and record them. This could be paid and you would be on the contract for the next album and benefit from album sales. Not a whole bunch of money but something and you get to be part of a signed band....
Looking for someone willing to contribute by recording the guitar parts and bass. Hopefully you can play and record both. I would like to step back a bit and focus on writing the songs and recording vocals.

I also would like you to feel free to incorporate some of your own ideas. Im not a nazi and dont expect you to play exactly what I have written. This really is a great opportunity for someone to get there name out there and make a kick ass album and possibly albums if all goes well!

If you have the gear, lead skills, writing ability, and a way to record please contact me through myspace or email:
I sent you an E-mail but im not sure if you're online so hit me up when u get back on.