Hey my band (metal core/techno/punk we're just weird) doesn't have a bassist so I may get asked to play bass on a few songs. My brother plays bass so I have a 100 watt Crate amp and a Carvin acoustic amp with a bass channel so amps won't be a problem (and gigs I'd plug into the system anyway)

I just dont want to borrow his huge 6 string bass because a) its not mine and b) too many strings for me!

I also think it would be a good idea to have a bass because I'm aiming to lead worship for churches so an extra bass wouldn't be such a bad idea.

I'm going to get $250 soon and I need to use some of it for college text books
I'm going to be looking at a peavey RBX170 and an ibanez gsr200 any other suggestions (hopefully further away from the 200 mark >_>
Is this your first time buying college textbooks? There's a good chance you'll need ALL of that money for them.

The ibanez is good, I'd take a look at Squier but I think their VM series is a bit out of your range. Also check out the SX basses on rondomusic.com you might like those!
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My first year, text books were $300...
However, all my music class text books carried over to this year so i need 2 books in all and im buying used (maybe renting one)

Would a used VM be better then the peavey or ibby new? VM was $210 used on ebay
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i would go for this baby

very sexy bass, and even has the pirate thingy on the 12th fret.

note: the P pick up is black, not red.

I hope that's a joke.

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So do you actually know how much you are going to spend on textbooks? You seem to think it will be $50 but other people seem to think it will be $200+ so you really need to find out because you may not have any money left for a bass at all.

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Torrent your text books. Print, hole punch, stick in a binder.

Ibanez GSR is a solid bass, I do like the VM Squiers alot as well.
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Torrent your text books. Print, hole punch, stick in a binder.

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