lately,being on the internet has been a pain in the ass because it seems i take every article or even the answers on this site so literally and relate them too much to my own life etc......i can't even enjoy anything anymore because every time i read something i just get paranoid and just hypersensitive.....is this some sort of disorder?It's becoming a freaking chore to be on the net..I'm not even kidding....
I suggest a trip to the shrink.
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What? Just go to YLYL for a while TS.
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Stop being weird.
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Yes, TS, that's a paranoia more than most people experience. Psychologist yesplz.

Oddly, that makes this thread a medical help thread and against the rules, so *r*.


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then stay away from your computer.
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Must... not... post... horrible things... ungh.

I fear I can't help you with your problem. Maybe staying clear of the net for a couple of days might help?

I know where you live,fear me!
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