You don't happen to listen to Buckethead, do you?

Sounds pretty good, your tone is a bit muddy and lacks presence though, and the rhythm is very boomy. Can't even tell if there is a bass under that rhythm guitar (on the viper clip). After some more listening your tracks desperately need compression in general and waaay less bass frequencies jumping around like that.
hey man- you have a really interesting, unique style. chromatic, yet melodic. you have tight rhythm- nothing really seems badly off-time. overall, i like your playing!
I'm not a metal type person, so can't really comment on how meatly it is (sounds fine to me though). Technically sounds fine, but maybe a tad disjointed (but then that may be as intended).
I have become........comfortably numb
Reflections is really good man, I was surprised by that never-ending scale lol it just kept going, I love that about jazz guitar and wish I could do it. Im jealous dude, keep it up!

I'm jealous enough to ask so I can practise the crap out of it, what scale were you using between 0:34 and 0:48? or was it just something you made up, not a scale? Would really love to learn that!
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