How did the Pit find a good radio station to listen to (if you listen to radio)? I've been searching for an hour and can't find anything. Any ideas?
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Press the seek button.


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Our digital TV tuner picks up radio stations. Alternatively, just look for some internet radio. Some websites stream radio broadcasts live. I think you can do it with Windows Media player but I'm not sure.

I listen to the german station Rock Antenne. It's pretty good. Sometimes.
If you're looking for local radio, check the low frequencies like 88.5, 90.1, etc.
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Only listen to sports talk on the radio
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"Hey [friend's name] what are some good stations?"

"I like 93.3 and 104.5."

"Neat, I'll check them out."

Or I just hit seek and listen out for songs I like. Then I make a note of that station.
I don't, radio sucks.
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If you're looking for local radio, check the low frequencies like 88.5, 90.1, etc.

Local radio around my area is probably shit, as i live in East London.

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