Kind of an ode to the girl I'm chasing after currently

I've stayed up, and it's nearly two at night
and you've filled me with steady fright
It's pathetic; my thoughts need revisions
You've not even given me a decsion
But I'll continue to fight my fight
Because there's something in me that needs your light
There's one last train to board on my way home
and there's one last way to let you know

I shouted, everything's for something,
and your hope can be no longer lost
There's not just a message in my words
but a struggle for your love and lust
I shouted, go and be someone else
by yourself, where no one knows you
Or come spend some time with me,
with us and find what's true.

Thoughts turn to nasty envensions
of long tortured hours awaiting decsions
The fright, bite, strife and eventual flight
All turning into an evening of pure feminine might
Its hard to comprehend some hopeful collaboration
Especially when your reaction's mostly aggression
But there's one last thing that you have to know
And it's the only chance that we both have to grow


Yesterday you said that I should give you time
time, time, time that I can't afford to lose
Under a normal circumstance I'd just continue on
But you you you tell me everything, and everything's true
You can't make up your mind, and say everything's fine
but I know that you need me, and I need you too
Neither of us has much to lose, there's only great potential
Because when we're together, the sky's a beautiful shade of blue


So bet on some intervention from friends, from others we know
Because we aren't the only ones cheering for us now
There's more help for both of us, in ways unheard, unmentioned
and there's not a goddamn way we're running this to the ground

EDIT: Should have a song up in T&C soon to go along with it. Think of the lyrics being sung Streetlight Manifesto style.
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I like it.. Especially like the way the second verse started "Thoughts turn to nasty envensions
of long tortured hours awaiting decsions"! However from there I felt like the rest of that verse was a little too wordy. Other than that it was great!
Dude I would be so proud if I were you.. You literally wrote anything and everything I COULDN'T say to "her". Haha. Kudos to ya.