Hey UG. I was hoping you's could help me solve some queries I had concerning the cleaning and maintenance of an acoustic guitar.

I've had my Yamaha for about five years now and through that time I've never properly cared for it or maintained it sufficiently. I'm wanting to do some work on cleaning it but there's a couple of things that I'm not too sure how to do properly.

First of all, through all the time I've had the guitar I've probably only changed the strings a dozen or so times and I've never cleaned the fretboard. As a result of this, quite a thick amount of dirt has built up on the fretboard. I've been told that the dirt can be removed by rubbing the fretboard with very fine steel wool. I've also been told that using a toothbrush in the same way will have a similar effect. What is the most efficient way of cleaning a fretboard? Also, I was wondering if there was any kind of polish or lubricant to give the fretboard more of a shine? Or would this be bad for the wood? The fretboard is made of rosewood. Additionally, I was wondering whether there was a specific type of cloth I should use to wipe down the fretboard.

Secondly, I'm wanting to clean the body, neck, and headstock of the guitar. After so many years of neglect dust and fingerprints are now evident all over the guitar, and I was wondering whether there is a particular type of product I should use to clean these parts of the gutiar? Also I was wondering whether there is a specific type of cloth I should use to wipe down the body and the rest of the guitar after I have polished it? My friend uses a microfibre cloth to wipe down his guitars, but would a regular household cloth suffice?

Finally, one of the tuning pegs is loose and as a result of this it's respective string pole rattles when it picks up vibrations from other strings. I was going to tigthen the screws that hold the tuning peg in place, but I'm not sure whether this would also solve the problem of the strong pole rattling?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks x
I picked up a little bottle of Gerlitz Guitar Honey for cleaning and conditioning my fretboards (rosewood or ebony). It works well, and I've yet to read or hear anything bad about it. If you go that route, be sure to pick up a second cleaning rag because you shouldn't put polish on your fretboard or oil on your guitar's finish.

As for buzzing from your headstock, I've had to snug up the nuts that encompass the err... "string post" I guess... on a few of my guitars. The important thing is to just snug them and not crank on them. I noticed that that was covered in the link in Bikewer's post above me...
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