Playing november rain with a fat stratocaster and roland cube.

Slash uses les paul with neck humbucker which I obviously dont have, so Im wondering whether to use my bridge humbucker or my neck single coil. Ive experimented with tone, etc, but I cant find the right sound. Especially with roland cube I dont really have that many effects.

Does anyone have any good ideas?
Well, you're not going to get the tone. Because Slash uses Les Paul's which are made of mahogany, which has a dark fat tone. And Strats are made of alder, which has a bright and twangy tone. He also uses Marshall amps, and the roland isn't going to give you that sound.

My advice is to use the neck pickup, it has a darker tone than the bridge pickup. I prefer my strats neck pickup to my lp's bridge pickup any day.
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just play it and dont worry about tone?
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