I liked the harmonized guitars quite a bit, especially when they first kick in near the beginning.

The bass line after that break near the middle is quite awesome as well. Also, you did a good job creating an atmosphere of urgency with the music. Good communication of ideas.

My one gripe is that it was over kind of soon, but I am grateful that you don't drag out certain parts even though they are strong enough to withstand being repeated a bar or two.
Mkay, I'll be honest. I don't like metalcore/this style. So bear with me. But I'll try to give a good, reasonable crit.

First lemme say, I really don't like the intro. It strikes me as a breakdown, and there's nothing in the song to break down, which defeats the purpose of... well, a breakdown. But then, I looked at it from another point of view. It's building into something. Ok, so that's fine. [that being said I still think the rhythm is incredibly contrived and forced, and overused. Dull...]

Now, the prechorus I enjoyed. It was a catchy riff. Not just standard pedal point. The chorus was catchy as hell too. The octave melody is great. [better than just a standard octave melody progression]

The bass break and that verse afterwards were really really good too. And then it goes back to the prechorus/chorus. [second time, the prechorus didn't have as much value to me. Needs some variation... I dunno.]

Then, the breakdown... Hate the rhythm. It's just... like everything else I've heard from the genre. But then the keyboards and such overtop of it make it acceptable. Even enjoyable. I like the sawtooth melody, and the strings and how everything mixed together...

And I like the solo over the chorus. It's catchy and fun whilst still keeping the frantic pacing/style.

My main crit honestly is that I wish the keys did more. Hell, I think it'd be great if they even just stayed in after the breakdown. Stayed in for that last chorus. It'd be really cool, and make it tie everything off/feel like the song went somewhere and climaxed, and ended.
My two cents. Everything else is just stylistic differences.
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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

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right from the start its very attack attack sounding which leads me to think MORE SYNTH, it would definatley pull it together more, but over all a very well rounded song
i absolutely love that riff, its so technical yet so refined and simple at the same time its a very nice balance and i think is the high point of the song
for the screaming parts i personally think it needs to be heavier, mabey more full chords and a more in your face drumbeat, it would just go over nicer
and finally, as much as i like it, the solo at the end seems a little choppy, im not one to speak for great written solos but it just seems awkward at some parts [bars 108-110 leave more to be hoped for] but over all its very well in what it should be and i think if this was real itd be on my ipod