I really like that intro, it's awesome. The rest of it was fine, but not really my kind of music.
Loved it. The clean parts set a great mood, the distortion parts were either very melodic or rough and aggressive, and overall it was all good.
reminded me very much of for the fallen dreams, very great mood changes and i loved that breakdown
some minor notes -
mabey add some sort of woodwind instrument and give it a vocal melody track over the somewhat repetitive parts that are verses and choruses
or give them a small change up or break in the repetetion every oh 8 or so bars, mabey a key change for 4 bars and then back or a harmony change just something a little different
and finally your transition at 157 was a little rough im including a file to show you and example of a possible better way to go about that
Metalcore 22.gp5
i love this! reminds me of misery signals so much!
very very good.