So I went out on Friday with the intention of buying a Fender Mexican made strat because I had always wanted one but sort of put it on the wayside. When they didn't have any used ones I decided to just have a look around before I settled on anything since I was going to buy it new just in case something else happened to catch my eye instead.
As it happens something did.

I just fell in love with it and any thought of a strat just went out the window.
I really like the feel of the neck though some people don't care for finished guitar necks I like them. The switch to EMG pickups I really like, I never cared for the original prs humbuckers. To me they sounded muddy and had no definition. They're the pretty standard fare of 81/85 with coil tap. The coil tap is a nice feature but I have a few guitars with it and I almost never use it.
My only real complaint is that locking tuners would be nice since using the trem a lot will definitely throw it out of tune but considering it cost me $569.00 usd there's not much I can complain about.
HNGD, I am not a big fan of PRS but this is one of the nicest ones I have seen. Love the Bat inlays never saw a PRS with those. IMHO the PRS is much better than any Strat!
I'm so jealous of you right now.

The other day I was watching some Cradle music videos, and I was like... Damn it. I want that Paul Allender sig now.

HNGD. If you get tired of it... you know... give me a PM.
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Yeah I really wasn't a fan of PRS myself. This just kind of jumped out and I had to have it. I really dig the bat inlays but I know most people probably aren't a fan of them.
I don't think I'll be getting tired of this one though, can't fight true love you know.
Good choice, although the strat and that are miles different. I still love it and am very jealous!

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