i was at the flea market the other day and seen this kind of guitar

This is the only pic i have ever seen of it after a whole day searching online,
what kind of danelectro is this? the guitar was only $250 and it seems kind of rare,
would it be worth getting?

Also, general danelectro thread, post your opinions weather they are positive or negative.
its a danelectro-made mosrite knockoff. i just googled ' danelectro mosrite' and found this

overall danelectro=positive. they are the unique in todays new guitar market
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Now that i think about it, it does closely resemble a mosrite, i didnt get to play it while at the store so i dont know what it sounds like, i hope it sounds like a mosrite though.
I've seen these before, The body shape is based on Mosrite's Mark II, AKA the "Ventures II Slab Body" model. I haven't played one but I think they might sound like a Fender judging by how the pickups look. (It looks like the pole pieces are slugs rather than screws) If these guitars used P90 pickups they'd be closer to Mosrite standard but they probably wouldn't be quite there. Mosrite usually wound their pickups hot with 43AWG wire and they didn't pot their pickups in the 60s.
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