Any other guitar sites that sell unconventional looking/sounding guitars, that aren't the main brands everyone knows (fender, gibson, shecter, ibanez, etc....)
I only know of rondo music, italia guitars and eastwood guitars, I'm sure there's more.
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-Vintage Guitars(Gibson/Fender knockoffs, good quality for the price)
-ES Guitars(albeit they're all hideous bar maybe the Metal Dagger IMO)
-Carvin Guitars(they're sorta well-known, but...)
-Garrison Guitars(I think Gibson bought them out, but they make fiberglass acoustics, I take lessons at the old Garrison shop and I might be getting a job there. =D)
-Axl Guitars(No idea about the quality, but they make knockoffs of metal guitars by the look of it)
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Xavier guitars from GFS?

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