My bands name is Capture the Sun. We are heavily influenced by the likes of Scale the Summit, Pelican, Russain Circles and Animals as Leaders. Please give us a listen on myspace or bandcamp. The Free download of our 4 track demo is on our bandcamp, for those of you who love free music!

Bandcamp (Free 4 Track Download) - http://capturethesun.bandcamp.com/album/taking-tiger-mountain-by-force-demo

Myspace - www.myspace.com/capturethesun
--- My Gear ---
Amp Head: Peavey XXX
Cabinet: Peavey XXX
Guitars: ESP F200, Gibson Les Paul Special, Schecter Hellraiser Avenger w/ Dimarzio D-Activators
Effects: Vox Tone Lab SE, Boss Guitar EQ


@+-0:23 the timing goes out quite a bit unless I'm just cooking out :\

When that "solo" starts at 5:20 or so and just ends like 3 seconds later i was just like "huh". You definitely could have carried on with that, was sounding good.

Mixing needs quite a bit of work, the synth was quite overwhelming when it kicks in at like 6.

I liked the ideas but it was pretty repetitive, there just weren't enough ideas to fill up all that time. I rate just look over the song and see what you don't HAVE to have repetition wise and try cut the time down a bit.

P.S. I'll crit the others in the next few days but they are long you know :P
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