Searched with no results. Saw this band at Bamboozle. It's fronted by that cute innocent little girl who played Cindy Lou Who in the Grinch movie. Now she's a 17-year-old badass alternative musician cursing out the audience onstage. Now I'm not a very deep Alterantive fan, but these guys definitely added to my taste in the genre.



Some songs and videos you guys might like
Make Me Wanna Die
Miss Nothing
My Medicine
Goin' Down
I'll shag her, not to her music though.

I'm a Nazi, baby
I'm a Nazi, yes I am
I'm a Nazi schatzi, you know I'll fight for the Fatherland
Ok band, with hot singer. Will be interesting to see how the progress musically tbh
Native State
A Titan, A Deity
Rash L.A

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the song is really good and i neveR eeeeeeever thought she could actually sing.. BUT i cant seem to unsderstand the cheaper version of courtney love's look.. :S
check out their basslines: bass guitar instruction
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hi. i dont like taylor cuz she is trying too much. but she can REALLY sing. I love her music and I would like her more if she became that kid from grinch again. But I <3 Pretty Reckless & her voice
I think she's a moron and her music's shite but I'd definitely slip it in her, grinch style. (wut?)
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It all sounds kind of generic. Sounds like an angsty girl who really liked Kurt Cobain when she was little. Not to say that she isn't a good singer, her voice is pretty sweet, her music just isn't very impressive. Maybe they'll improve though?
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I wouldn't intially listen to this out of choice, but our local rock radio station (Kerrang Radio) plays them at least once per DJ set. It is all very catchy stuff that you find yourself singing along to without realising it. So they must be doing something right.
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